A D Cooper Creative Practitioner

From an advertising copywriting background, A D Cooper has made a string of award-winning short films most of which can be seen elsewhere on this website.

She’s developing a number of feature projects as a writer for TV, film and theatre, but also working on a feature script that will be her debut as a director.

She’s looking for opportunities to collaborate as either a writer and/or director.

In addition, she is creative content controller on the Dorset Film website.

Her literary agent is Meg Davis at Ki Agency.

A D Cooper has been selected for the BAFTA Crew Film/TV programme for 2019 as well

Diploma in Advertising Writing from Watford College

M A in Screenwriting from London College of Communication. Also an associate lecturer on the same course in 2017/18 running short film script workshops.

Check out this interview with A D Cooper about writing and film making on UK Talk Radio in June 2018 (released July): http://uktalkradio.org/film-expo-south/