Short Film: Odds (2021)

A man lost in a landscape hitches a ride in a passing car.

  • Date Filmed 7 December 2020. Completed May 2021.

The empty road in Chertsey Meads, Surrey.

Our latest production was shot on 7 December 2020 with a remote location shoot in Chertsey, Surrey. It was completed on 3 May 2021.

Cinematographer & Co-Producer: Derk Russell
Editor: James Page
Composer: Dale Sumner
Sound Design & Mix: John Wood
Production Assistant: Richard Kirk
Colourist: Henry Howard at Wash
Marketing Materials & Stills: Steve Jaipaul
Location Manager: Vincent Furnier

Many thanks to Runnymede Council, Essex Insurance and the Docket Eddy Residents Association for all their help, advice and support during pre-production.

While it starts its festival round, the film is only available for viewing on request. Use the contact button on the main menu.

Screening on 31 October

Designed by Be Content using image by Steve Jaipaul

World premiere in Oregon in July.

Elizabeth Stretton plays Bo.

Jack Blakey plays Jay.

A man is lost in a desolate landscape. His only hope is hitching a lift.

Selected for this USA event on 10 December.

Long listed for the Funny Women Short Film Award.

A man lost in a landscape. Drone shot by Derk Russell.

No signal. Image by Steve Jaipaul

Nominated for Best Short Film, Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor.

Image by Steve Jaipaul

Selected for the Romford Horror Film Festival. Waiting for official laurels.

Designed by Be Content using image by Steve Jaipaul

Cinematographer Derk Russell secures the car mount. Image by Steve Jaipaul

Image by Steve Jaipaul

Inside the car. Image by Steve Jaipaul.

The opening drone shot in progress.

Image by Steve Jaipaul.

The entire cast and crew. Image by Steve Jaipaul.

British Premiere in Bath on 31 October 2021 alongside the Cannes award-winning "Titane".