Short Narrative Film: The View from the Window

Created from an award-winning script that won the Prequel to Cannes Short Script competition.

The poster designed by John Mundy. Stills photography by Jonathan Brady.
Featuring Alex Barclay as Martin

Winner of the Prequel to Cannes Short Script Competition 2009/2010

The film

UK FIlm Festival, Purbeck FIlm Festival.

Kino Film Festival

Edinburgh Short Film Festival

Cardiff Mini Film Festival

Buxton Film Festival

Southampton Film Festival (opened the festival as the Welcome Short)

Into the Woods Festival

Hearts of Gold Film Festival (Australia)

Green Shoots Short Film Festival (USA)
“This is England” Film Festival in Rouen.


Prequel to Cannes Event (February 2012)

Women in Film & TV (July 2012)

Cannes Court Metrage/Short Film Corner (May 2013)

Cinema Jam (2013)

American Online Film Awards (2014 May and November)

New York New Film Makers (August 2014),

ShortsUp (July 2015)

Film Expo South (Feb 2016).


Best Screenplay and Best Drama in the Van d’Or Awards 2012

Best Short Screenplay and Excellence in Hair & Make Up in the Southampton Film Festival (2013)

Best Fiction in the “This is England” Film Festival in Rouen (November 2013)

Best Story in the South Coast Shorts Film Festival (May 2014).

When Martin ends up in Poole Hospital after a catastrophic car accident, he is helped to heal by Harold the old man in the next bed.

Filmed in West London and in Dorset.

Completed 12 January 2012.

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Felicity Davidson and Ruth D’Silva as the nurse and the doctor respectively

Felicity Davidson

Alex Barclay in the role of Martin

The cast and crew

Writer, director: A D Cooper

Director of Photography: Gabi Norland

Producer: Avon Harpley, Paige Chaytor

Casting Director: Irene East CDG

Editor: Adam Gough

Casting Director: Irene East CDG

Make-up: Robb Crafer

Production Design: Lizzie Bardwell

Sound Recordist: Simon Bysshe

Gaffer: Ray Cook

Music & Sound Designer: Richard Lightman

2nd Unit Camera and Stills
Photography: Jonathan Brady


Martin: Alex Barclay

Harold: David Pearson

Nurse: Felicity Davidson

Doctor: Ruth d’Silva