Award-winning Short Film: Ace

Never grow up, never grow old.

The poster designed by John Mundy

“Ace” the trailer

The short film

October 2016

Winner: Cinéwomen
The prize was this article published in
December 2015.
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Synopsis: Two bored urban boys try to annoy an old man in a mobility scooter by cycling up to him and yelling in his face. His response is anything but predictable.

Tagline: Never grow up, never grow old

Shoot dates: 1 and 2 June 2013, with pick-ups on July 26.

Locations: West London

Length: 7.22m

Status: Completed October 17 2013

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Moray Watson as the Veteran

Kyle Cox and Adam Parsons as the boys

The veteran in his mobility scooter


Wildsound Feedback Film Festival (Toronto, March 2016)


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That’s a …what?

Cast & Crew

Producers: David A Smith, Helen L Alexander

Writer & director: A D Cooper

Cinematographer: Derk Russell

1st Assistant Director: Merlin Rooma

Casting Director: Irene East CDG

Production Designer: Humphrey Jaeger

Wardrobe: Sue Casey

Make Up: Lizzie Martin

Stills Photography: Hayde Valesco Flores

Editor: David Bryer

Music: Ram Khatabakhsh

Sound Design: John Wood

Poster Design: John Mundy


Kyle Cox: Older Boy

Adam Parsons: Younger Boy

Moray Watson: The Veteran