Co-Production Short Film: Stranger Danger

The poster designed by Debra Wootton

Screening February 2024

Continuing to get selected by festivals and showcases

Prunella Scales as Violet Mangham

Roderick Cowie as the pushy Wilson Forbes

Synopsis: A slick salesman tries to con an old lady.

Completed: 10 July 2012

Length: 3.15m

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Filmed on location in Chiswick, London and Kew, Surrey

Created as an entry for the Virgin Shorts Film Competition.

A co-production with Webra Multimedia

“Do have a biscuit dear.”

Just sign here

Violet Mangham: Prunella Scales
Wilson Forbes: Roderick Cowie

Writer, Director, Co-Producer: A D Cooper
Co-producer: Debra Wootton
Cinematographer: Derk Russell
Editor: Peter Davies
Casting Director: Irene East CDG
Sound Recordist: Simon Bysshe
Script Supervisor: Sheila McNaught
Gaffer: Ray Cook
Make Up: Robb Crafer
Music: Ram Khatabakhsh


Violet Mangham: Prunella Scales
Wilson Forbes: Roderick Cowie
Salesman: Philip Hammond
The Stupid Twit: Jimmy Walters
Safe Room Men; Edward Anderson
Tom Evans, Mark George, Barnaby Marmion, Mark Rush,George Vafakis

Writer, director: A D Cooper
Producer: Debra Wootton & A D Cooper
Executive Producers Debra Wootton, A D Cooper & Rosa RussoCasting: Irene East CMG
Director of Photography: Derk Russell
Editor: Peter Davies
Composer: Ram Khatabakhsh
Production Design:
Glen Young & Oliver Tarling
Sound Recordists: Simon Bysshe
Mark Andrews
Hair & Make Up: Robb Crafer
Script Supervisor: Sheila McNaught
Production Co-ordinator
Paige Chaytor
Gaffer: Ray Cook

The short film. A version with a full credit roller is also available.