Associate Projects

These are associate projects made by A D Cooper, but not produced by Hurcheon Films.

A London gin project made with for a competition in 2013

“London: The city in balance” is one of two corporate films written & directed by A D Cooper but produced through London production company

This one was created for the London Beefeater Gin competition in 2013, while the other was for a drinks company annual conference combining confidential information with green screen, live action and motion capture.

She has also written over 100 scripts for live events, and corporate, training, web and conference films with clients as diverse as Pernod Ricard, Kodak, MITIE Logistics, Fortnum & Mason and Ogilvy HealthWorld. A list including many live streaming films can be forwarded on request.

Associate Project 2019/20:

A. D. Cooper is currently working on a short dark comedy titled “Love you, to death” as writer and director alongside BAFTA-nominated exec producer Camille Gatin (“The Girl with all the gifts”). The project is being produced by Camille's Golden Arrow Films.

With the long script development process now complete, the project is in pre-production with producer Roxy Holman.

Alain Cross will lens the project and Jim Page will edit.

Associate Project 2020:

A D Cooper is attached to direct a short film called "Stranger" written and produced by A J Merlin for Adrestia Films. This is a significantly different style of film, more gritty and present day than any of her other work. More details to follow as funding is secured.

As a director, A D Cooper has been my go-to writer and conceptor for many years now.

Diligent, thorough and professional in the extreme she grasps the big picture and the detail in equal measure and always delivers pure gold that comes off the page effortlessly.

More recently she has directed a couple of projects with passion and great results.

I can unreservedly recommend her in either capacity.

Christian Banfield

This is a short film made with ASC in 2011. Developed from an improvisation, the film was written, prepped and directed in under 72 hours. For more information and to watch the film, go to