Award-Winning Poetry Film: Home to the Hangers (2017)

A short film that celebrates the centenary of Edward Thomas, the nature and World War One poet from Hampshire.

  • Role Production Company
  • For Directors UK Alexa Challenge 2017
  • Date Completed April 2017
  • Type Short Film
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  • Alexa Mini Anamorphic prime lenses

Emerging from the fog of war.

Selected for

  • Short Sounds Films Festival on 28 February 2020
    WINNER: Best Combined Use of Sound & Music
  • The Box Film Festival on 9 November 2019
  • Women over 50 Film Festival on 22 September 2019
  • The High Peak International Film Festival on 15th June 2019
  • The Newlyn Film Festival on 6 April 2019.
  • The Dorking Film Festival on 23 March 2019
  • The Southampton Film Week Shorts Programme on 10 November 2018.
  • The Imperial War Museum UK with screenings at the museum in London: 25, 26 and 28
    October 2018 plus a Best of the Festival Showcase at the Picture House Cinema,
    Piccadilly, London.
    WINNER: Special Category Award – Making a better world
  • The Southampton International Film Festival, UK on 20 October 2018.
    Nominated: Best British Short Film and Best Costume Design.
    WINNER: Best British Short Film
  • Purbeck Film Festival on 19 October 2019
    WINNER: A certain regard: Cinematography
  • The Juteback Poetry Film Festival on 19 September 2018 in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
  • The Exit 6 Film Festival with a world premiere on 29 September 2018 in Basingstoke,
    Hampshire, UK

This short screened at the launch of a new biography about Edward Thomas at the Welsh Centre in January 2019 and at other promotional events by the author Jeff Towns.

The Trailer

The official award laurels

Programme notes from the Imperial War Museum Short Film Festival

The winners at the Imperial War Museum Short Film Festival 2018 (Photo IWM)

Poet Edward Thomas who loved and lived on the Hangers in Hampshire.

Alex Bartram portrayed Edward Thomas. Photo by Paul Smith.

Recognising the work of cinematographer Candida Richardson

2017: this project is selected as one of the six winners in the Directors UK Alexa Challenge on the theme of Anniversary. This film marks the centenary of poet Edward Thomas' death in 1917.

The prize included the use of an Alexa Mini camera and a set of anamorphic lenses plus additional bursaries for hire, insurance, location and transport.

Having secured permission to film from Hampshire County Council, the shoot took place on 14/15 March 2017.

The film was completed on 27 April 2017, and screened at a Directors UK/ARRI event on 8 May 2017 alongside the other five winners.

The cast & crew include:

Edward Thomas: Alex Bartram
Writer, Director: A D Cooper
Producer: A D Cooper & Kate Rowland
Casting Director: Annie Rowe CDG
Cinematographer: Candida Richardson
1st Assistant Director: Steve McCarten
Focus Puller: Chris Hayden
Steadicam: Rob Hart
Make Up: Sarah Grundy
Wardrobe: Eve Oakley
Smoke Effects: Will Glancy
Editor: Gary Tobyn
Sound Design & Foley Artists: Mahoney Audio Sound
Voice Recording Engineer: Michael Bennett
Composer: Henry Bird
Colourist: Jon Dobson
Stills Photographer: Julian Bajzert

Costumes provided by Hampshire Wardrobe
Filters provided by Tiffen
Other camera and lighting equipment provided by AimImage

Many people helped with this project and we’re enormously grateful for their wisdom and support. These include Donna Cooper, Johnny Griffith, Gillian Tully, Martin Brierley, Michael Shelton, Paige Chaytor, Rupert Baker, Guy Fairbank, Sarah Culverhouse and Bob Boyle.


The poster created by John Mundy using stills taken by Julian Bajzert.

Is he a deserter? Is he shell shocked?

Photo by Julian Bajzert.

Second Lieutenant P E Thomas on embarkation leave in early spring 1917. Looking older than his 39 years.
Photo from the Edward Thomas Fellowship.

The 1,000 yard stare.

Photo by Julian Bajzert.

The Rackham-Like tree.

Photo by Julian Bajzert.

“It is strikingly beautiful and Alex Bartram portrays and reads him wonderfully. A refreshingly hopeful reading of ‘Lights Out’ too, and I loved the attention to the small, intimate parts of his life and landscape together with the spaciousness of the vistas – both very much part of his symbolic topographies.”
Julia Maxted of the Edward Thomas Fellowship,
and Edward Thomas' great granddaughter

The chalky pool in the River Ash. Photo by Julian Bajzert.

Connecting with nature. Photo by Julian Bajzert.

Photo by Julian Bajzert

It is not spring yet. Spring is being dreamed…

Sarah Grundy, make up artist, muddies up actor Alex Bartram. Photo by Julian Bajzert.

A sense of the terrain and the army of helpers and carriers needed for the location in the aptly named village of Steep.

Facebook Page:

Twitter Hashtag: #HometotheHangers

This is a link to the Directors UK website with information about all six winners in the Alexa Challenge and how they approached their projects.

Watching the action on the monitor.

The weary camera crew at the end of the second day after lugging kit up the hill again.

The cast & crew at the end of the shoot. Stills photographer Julian Bajzert holds yet another smoke bomb aloft.

A unique quartet of musicians create the atmospheric sound track written by Henry Bird. A sample is next on this page.

Part of the sound track created by Henry Bird for this film.

Actor Alex Bartram records the voice over of the poem “Lights Out” by Edward Thomas with Michael Bennett at the sound desk at ID Audio.

Local news coverage of the shoot published 22.3.17.

The article itself on Page 3 of The Petersfield Post .

The DVDs using designs by John Mundy and stills by Julian Bajzert

Listen to the Exit 6 Film Festival talking about this film, featuring an interview with the director and a review of the film:

The relevant bit starts about 7 mins in.