New Short: Neat Cleats

A bicycle film that turns into something else entirely.

Shoot date: 26 April 2019 in West London

  • For Festivals and online streaming
  • Date 2019

“Neat Cleats” is a microshort film which is currently in post-production.

Thanks to the following cast and crew:

Mr Bike: Dan Cooke
Ms Bike: Louise Dalton
Writer, director, producer: A D Cooper
Cinematographer: Derk Russell
Focus Puller: Jon Mitchell
Movement Director: Veronica Ellis
Production Assistant: Maddie Phillips
Production Stills: Katia Shannon
Catering: Ann Clifford
Composer: Henry Bird
Editor: Gary Tobyn

Filmed in Duke’s Meadows, Chiswick, London W4 on 26 April 2019.

Particular thanks to Kathleen Healey and Paul Davis of the Duke’s Meadows Trust for their help with logistics.

Thanks to Hounslow Council Film, Duke’s Meadows Trust, James Huddleston, Fudge Cycles, Evy Barry, Richmond Cycles and Cycle Republic for their help.

Cast: Louise Dalton

Cast: Dan Cooke

Dan and Louise (Photo by Katia Shannon)

Photo by Katia Shannon

Cinematographer Derk Russell and Focus Puller Jon Mitchell weave their magic on the kit (Photo by Katia Shannon)

Dan & Louise (Photo Katia Shannon)

Dan & Louise between shots

What’s this place?

The Band Stand location

Dan at the Band Stand (Photo by Katia Shannon)

Louise at the Band Stand (Photo by Katia Shannon)

Shooting the final shot of the film. (Photo by Veronica Ellis)

The camera team looking a lot like they’re related (Photo by Katia Shannon)

Undeterred by April showers (Photo by Katia Shannon)

Larking about with the cast (Photo by Katia Shannon)

Louise in contemplation (Photo by Katia Shannon)

Veronica Ellis & Katia Shannon relaxing

Cast & Crew WRAP shot (Photo by Katia Shannon)

Cast & Crew Shot “Show Time” ( Photo by Katia Shannon)

Gary Tobyn finessing the edit