Coming soon

"What did you do in the war, Mama?" is a radio play written by A D Cooper that will be directed by Laurel Parker as a podcast for Towton Audio. Production is hoped to be completed by June 2021.

“The Inglenook Stone” is intended to be A D’s feature debut, and she's finessing the script with the help of her agent Meg Davies at Ki Agency. It’s a supernatural project set in contemporary Wiltshire. She’s looking for producers for this project.

Director A D Cooper is attached to another short film project through another production company:

“Love you to death” is a short dark comedy being produced by Camille Gatin’s Golden Arrow Films and Jokers Pack Productions. A D as the writer and director is working alongside BAFTA-nominated exec producer Camille (BAFTA-nominated for “The Girl with all the gifts”). With the script development process now complete, the project is in pre-production with producer Roxy Holman. Alain Cross will lens the project and Jim Page will edit. Casting is currently underway.

A D Cooper is also working on a kids' sitcom with production company the Canning Factory.

During the 2020 autumn term on the M.A. Screenwriting at the London College of Communication, she ran remote workshops for eight students developing their short scripts from treatment through two drafts as well as running other industry events to the whole class. This was her fourth year as Associate Lecturer.