Feature film in development: The Inglenook Stone

Genre: Supernatural Thriller

Logline: American Cornie, 31, struggles with a new baby and an inquisitive ghost in her Wiltshire cottage. She’s so sleep deprived that she can’t tell what’s real or what’s supernatural. But outside in the woods is a very real stalker watching and listening to her every move, looking for an opportunity to abduct her.

Script Length: 91 pages

Audience: Adults

We are currently doing camera tests to develop a way to portray the ghost.

Seeking producers and investors.

  • Role Writer, director

Poster design by Kerry Ovenden.

Currently in the early stages of development and seeking a producer, this is planned to be our feature debut. It has one country location, 3 main characters including an American female lead, 3 subsidiary characters, a baby and a glimpse of a ghost.

The script has gone through many drafts with the help of literary agent Meg Davis at Ki Agency.

Estimated budget £500-700,000

Attached talent (subject to availability and contracts)

Cinematographer Candida Richardson
Editor Gary Tobyn
Composer Henry Bird

It's planned that this is the first in a slate of features. These are just two of many scripts are ready to go:

"Searching for Archie" - a road movie in northern France about a love affair across two lifetimes
"Garbo still loves me" - a drama set in a British cinema in 1928 where World War 1 still casts a long shadow.

Please use the Contact Page if you'd like to read the script and see the pitch deck which includes a mood board.