Feature film in development: The Inglenook Stone

Genre: Supernatural Thriller

Logline: American Cornie, 31, struggles with a new baby and an inquisitive ghost in her Wiltshire cottage. She’s so sleep deprived that she can’t tell what’s real or what’s supernatural. But outside in the woods is a very real stalker watching and listening to her every move, looking for an opportunity to abduct her.

Script Length: 91 pages

Audience: Adults

We are currently doing camera tests to develop a way to portray the ghost.

Poster design by Kerry Ovenden.

Currently in the early stages of development and seeking a producer, this is planned to be our feature debut.

The script has gone through many drafts with the help of literary agent Meg Davis at Ki Agency.

Attached talent (subject to availability and contracts)

Cinematographer Candida Richardson
Editor Gary Tobyn
Composer Henry Bird

Please use the Contact Page if you'd like to read the script and see the pitch deck which includes a mood board.